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Alright, my new website is up, let's get begin anew!
If you're here, it means you've either clicked this link from a website where I've put it up, or I've given you a business card.
If that isn't the case... That's cool too! Maybe even cooler... Word of mouth and all that.
No matter wherever you've come from, you'll find some information about me here:
Where to find me; what I'm doing at the moment; what things I recommend experiencing; my work.

For starters, you can use the images at the top right of the screen to see me on those websites, and the icon on the top left of the screen to go to this page, Home. You can click some of the menu items, and others are menus that contain lots of other clickable menu items! Hooray for clickables!
You'll also notice the IP address, time, and date of your device, which you might find useful!
You may notice that some text is slanted, this means there's a tooltip on it, so go ahead and put your cursor on it!

Also, check out my Call of Mini: Double Shot wiki and this fun this I found called gravity.

I'm making a game, too! Bullet Hell, the Local Two Player Bullet Hell Simulator!

Well, that's all I'm gonna say for now, enjoy!


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